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Best PUBG Skins collection to equip the Player Outfits and Weapons

PUBG: Players Unknown Battle Ground, is one of the extremely popular and trending games at present. This online multiplayer battle Royale game has over 100 million + active users. However, to keep it in trend, the developers keep on updating the game with new PUBG skins, maps, features, outfits, new game modes, etc.

And the players can now get PUBG skins for their weapons too. It’s time to make your guns a little more colorful with the PUBG skins.

What are Pubg Skins?

Formerly, when we say PUBG Skins, it’s all about the player’s outfit. Later for updates, the PUBG has officially dropped crates that bring sets of weapon skins to the game.

However, these PUBG skins are purely cosmetic, which allows players to customize their looks and personalize their weapons. Even though they have no effect on the gameplay, these PUBG skins show the players a bit more knack on the battlefield.

PUBG Skin Types

  • Cosmetic Skins
    This includes all the clothes and wardrobe items to try out with your avatar.
  • Weapon Skins
    Unlike other PUBG skins, the weapon skins can be unlocked from these two PUBG loot boxes.

    • Triumph Crates
    • Raider Crates

These two crates are specially for weapons and it only contains weapon skins. The Raider creates are free, hence you don’t need any keys to unlock it. But in order to unlock a Triumph crate, you will need a weapon cosmetic key. You can get the key from the Steam market or from the game store.

PUBG Skins Categories

  • Cosmetics PUBG Skins
  • Weapon PUBG skins

Based on the rarity of the PUBG skins, they can be categorized as

  • Black (Common PUBG skins)
  • Grey (Classic PUBG skins)
  • Green (Special PUBG skins)
  • Blue (Rare PUBG skins)
  • Violet (Elite PUBG skins)
  • Purple (Epic PUBG skins)
  • Red (Legendary PUBG skins)
  • Gold (Ultimate PUBG skins)

How to get PUBG Skins

Currently, the PUBG skins can be unlocked only by either purchasing them from the Steam market/game store or when you get some loot crates as a reward. The loot crates will be available in the store, but you need to purchase them with the Battle Points (BP).

How to Earn Crates

On can get the crates from, either by buying them from the PUBG game store using in-game currency, Battle Points (BP) or you can buy them on the Steam Community Marketplace using real money.

The cost of each subsequent crate in a week will be high. This helps you to maintain the rarity of items and makes sure that the game has an item economy. The price of your first crate costs 700 BP and this price increase for the subsequent crates of the week. You can only but six crates per week.

  • First crate: 700 BP
  • Second crate: 1,400 BP
  • Third crate: 2,800 BP
  • Fourth crate: 4,200 BP
  • Fifth crate: 5,600 BP
  • Sixth crate: 7,000 BP

Types of crates

Currently, there are 11 different PUBG crates, they are,

  • Wanderer Crate
  • Survivor Crate
  • Biker Crate
  • Militia Crate
  • Raider Crate

These five crates don’t need keys to unlock them.

Crates that require keys

These six crates require keys to unlock them.

  • The Gamescom Invitational Crate – Early Bird Key
  • Fever Crate – Early Bird Key
  • Desperado Crate – Early Bird Key
  • Triumph Crate – Weapons Skin Key
  • Equinox Crate – Weapons Skin Key
  • Aviator Crate – Aviator Key

Note: Remember that the weekly crates may give you duplicates. It means you will be having the same PUBG skins, items in excess numbers. You can either exchange the duplicate item for Battle points or you can sell them on the Steam Marketplace.

Types of keys:

There are three types of keys and you can purchase the keys in the game store for $2.50.

  • Early Bird Key
  • Weapons Skin Key
  • Aviator Key

Crates with PUBG skins for Weapons:

Raider Crate:

  • S686 – Rugged (Beige)
  • Crossbow – Rugged (Beige)
  • M16A4 – Rugged (Beige)
  • SKS – Rugged (Beige)
  • S12K – Rugged (Beige)
  • SKS – Jungle Digital
  • AWM – Jungle Digital
  • P18C – Jungle Digital
  • P92 – Turquoise Delight
  • Tommy Gun – Turquoise Delight
  • M16A4 – Turquoise Delight
  • Kar98 – Turquoise Delight
  • R1895 (Revolver) – Silver Plate
  • DP-28 – Silver Plate
  • S1897 – Silver Plate
  • Vector- Silver Plate
  • SCAR-L – Silver Plate
  • S686 – Gold Plate

Triumph Crates

  • UMP9 – Rugged (Orange)
  • Kar98 – Rugged (Orange)
  • AKM – Rugged (Orange)
  • M416 – Rugged (Orange)
  • SCAR-L – Rugged (Orange)
  • P1911 -Trifecta
  • Micro Uzi – Trifecta
  • SCAR-L -Trifecta
  • R45 – Desert Digital
  • Mini 14 -Desert Digital
  • M24 – Desert Digital
  • M416 – Desert Digital
  • SKS – Gold Plate
  • S12K – Gold Plate
  • Winchester Model 1984 – Gold Plate
  • Sawed-off – Gold Plate
  • UMP9 – Glory
  • AKM – Glory
  • Gold Rush Set (Gold Plate)
  • Van Helsing Set (Silver Plate)

Warping up

So, that’s all about the PUBG Skins. The rarest PUBG skins (including items, cosmetics, and weapon skins) can be bought from the Steam community market. We have given a clear layout of how exactly the crate system works. The crates available gets updated with new sets of skin regularly.

If you have any suggestions to make this guide better or any queries, please leave a comment below.

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