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Best Counter Strike Go CSGO Skins you shouldn’t miss out!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a team-based shooter game developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. This is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series. The game pits two teams to compete in multiple objective-based game modes, in which one needs to win enough rounds in order to win the overall match.

This article is all about the CSGO skins. It’s a simple guide on CSGO skins and how it works.


How CSGO differs from other series

The CSGO brings features like New and updated maps, characters and weapons. You can find the updated version of classing CS maps like Inferno, Dust, Nuke, Train, and more.

In addition, this version has introduced new game modes like Arms Race, Flying Scoutsman and Wingsman, and features online matchmaking and Competitive Skill Groups.

What are CSGO skins?

CSGO skins, also termed as finishes, are features that are introduced in the Arms Deal update of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is nothing but different textures for weapons that can be equipped in-game. 

Purpose of CSGO skin

These CSGO skins are entirely for cosmetic and decorative purposes and have nothing to do with the gameplay function. It will only affect the appearance of the weapon, not its firepower. 

For example, let’s consider the P90 submachine gun, whether you use a Leather or sand Spray skin, it isn’t going to change its firing function.

Different types of CSGO Skins

CSGO offers you hundreds of skins that include realistic skins to the absurd one. Most of them are finishes and can offer tactical advantages. 

For instance, consider the aforementioned Aztec skin, it is featured with camouflage which helps the guns to blend with the jungle environment. 

Categories of CSGO Skins

Based on Rarity

Based on the skin’s rarity and its value, the skins are available in a number of quality grades. The category below is from lowest to the highest order of rarity,

  • Consumer Grade (Common)
  • Industrial Grade (Uncommon)
  • Mil-Spec Grade (Rare)
  • Restricted (Mythical)
  • Classified (Legendary)
  • Covert (Ancient) 
  • Gold (Exceedingly Rare)

Based on Skin Randomization

Another factor included in the differentiating is the skin’s exterior quality. This exterior quality simulates the wear and tear of the skin on a random basis. The rarity of the exterior quality is based on the bell curve for most of the weapons.

  • Battle-Scarred (BS)
  • Well-Worn (WW)
  • Field-Tested (FT)
  • Minimal Wear (MW)
  • Factory New (FN)

General Category

All skins are classified under three basic categories, 

    • Normal:
      All CSGO skins come under the normal category, but no skin will be placed in both StatTrak and Souvenir. Normal skins are the baseline for the other two categories and don’t have any special characteristics.
    • StatTrak:
      Skins under this category keep track of the number of kills performed by the user. If you transfer the ownership the count will get reset.
    • Souvenir:
      Souvenir Skins are found in the Global Offensive e-sports tournament. Some very rare Souvenir Skins are to find and can be sold for hundreds of dollars.

Possible ways to Get CSGO skins

One can acquire CSGO Skins by either of the following ways, 

  • Random Drops: One can earn skins through random drops. The random drops are provided to the players who play in online communities and official servers. 
  • Uncrate: Opening the weapon case and promotional containers.
  • Trade up Contact: This is formerly known as the Arms Deal Contract. This is a base grade tool used to generate new weapon skins. You can trade 10 skins for one higher rarity skin using the Trade-up Contract. 
  • Store/Market: You can trade with other players or else can buy skins from the market. 

It is common to get skins as rewards for playing the Global Offensive game. You will sometimes be rewarded with “weapon cases” as loot or as regards for certain missions. Cases can only be opened with the help of keys, which can be purchased in the game shop for $2.50 or by-merchandise – on the Steam Market. Another way to get skins, of course, is to buy them or trade them on the market.

Choose your Marketplace

Now, with the knowledge of it, it’s good to remember who you are going to buy or sell skins. So, in the end, the final price is the price that someone is willing to pay. Below, for your convenience, a brief breakdown of our article on the subject of ways to sell skins.

  • Steam Market
  • Private offers
  • Third-party marketplace
  • Third-party mass deposit sites

Beware of CSGO Skins Generator Scams

Counter-Strike currently has millions of active players, and much of this popularity is due to the presence of the game in the esports scene.

Skins can be virtual loot, but they have real monetary value as determined by the global economy. This is not a  free market, as the valve is influenced by the rarity of products like Souvenir skins. But it is a market whose values ​​fluctuate over time; The Steam Market page for each global offensive skin shows a chart that tracks its average selling price on the stock market over a period of time.

Many of these platforms, such as CSGO Lotto, CSGOBIG and CSGO Lounge, are trading on behalf of CSGO games to attract customers.

When you place a bet on the skins, they move to a Steam account. The control of your account is given to a bot that belongs to the third-party service you use (This appears to be a violation of Section 4 of the Steam Subscription Agreement). If you win, your skin will be returned – plus, of course, the skins that beat the players. You can sell these skins for a profit on the steam market or on the internet.

There is no such thing called a free skin generator. Most importantly, be aware of the site that asks for your personal information or credit card information.


So that’s all about the CSGO Skins. Added to this, the best time to buy skins is during the Steam sales. It is because most of the steam events offer free trading cards or other items that can be sold for some quick cash. And it’s the time you can expect the prize to be a little down. 

If you have any queries or suggestions to improve this guide, feel free to share it with us. We hope this might help the beginner to get an idea about the skins. 

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