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Top 13 Best Steam Skins – Unbiased List

The Steam is the most popular gaming client developed by Valve Corporation. The steam was developed as a way to provide an automatic update to the Valve games. Soon due to the amazing interface, it started to provide the same for the non-Valve Games. Steam has generated around 22% of the PC game sales. And it has over one billion users currently. In addition to the DRM service, it also provides video streaming and social networking services. In spite of having such an amazing API for performing all these tasks, the interface or the default skin of the Steam is a bit old fashioned. Like other software, you can download and install custom skins on the Steam. In this article, we will share the Best Steam Skins. And how to download and install these skins.


Before entering in the article, there are few latest updates in the stream server. So you might face some issue if the skin is not compatible with your version. But don’t worry, we had done all the research on your behalf. We had tested more than 35 best Steam Skins and filtered top 15. So you won’t be facing any issues.

How to change Steam Skins

Before diving into the list of skins, let me give a small recap on How to change skins in steam. Download the skin and copy the extracted content to Program Files > Steam > Skins. Now go to Steam > Settings > Interface > SELECT THE SKIN > Restart.

Simple, right!! By this method, you can easily change the interface of the steam. You can also move a lot of skins to the program directory and try the skin one by one.

Best Steam Skins

Here are the list of best Steam Skins. We had filtered top 13 skins from the best 35 skins. Make sure to try all the skins and let us know your favorite one in the comment section.

1. Air

Here comes my personal favorite. No matter how many skins may come. Air always have a special place for the steam users for its amazing interface. It provides the user with a colorful interface. If you are a person who loves color and vivid interface, you must try these skin.

2. Metro

Currently, it is the most popular skin in the community. And it is the most suitable skin for windows 10. The interface is clean and clear with a classic theme. The color used is limited to a few numbers to give a classy feel.

3. Minimal Steam UI

Mostly Minimal Steam is used as a replacement for the blue pulse skin. This is a simple skin without bright hues. The design is as simple as possible. The black background with the white contrast text with a blueish header is the simplest you can add to your stream.

4. PublicLir

Oddly, many people like this skin very much. At first, I was surprised, but the stats endorsed my surprise. This skin is much more similar to Minimal UI. Yet the interface is clean and suits pretty well for gamers. The hues of black and blues suit perfect for night gamers.

5. Plexed

If you are already in love with the existing skin, but looking for the small tweaks and performance peaks. Then this skin is for you. It is a simpler version of the default skin with an improved interface.

6. Black Rock Shooter

Yet another blue back combo! Now I literally think about it. So far we had seen a lot of stream skins. All these skins were selected based on user feedback. Now we can easily come to the conclusion that dark color is preferred by the night gamers. It is much similar in the interface and if you are a night gamer, you need to try this skin.

7. Digitally Unmastered

It’s one of the very few functional skins. This skin was released in 2012 and updated till 2016. Technically the skin is not so active now. But unbelievably, still, lots of users endorse this skin for its functionality.

8. Pressure 2

The pressure being the most downloaded skin of 2017, since then lots of tweaks and updates were made for the better performance. Now with some of the major updates, pressure 2 had been released. I personally like game grid feature from this skin.

9. Blue Pulse

It is one of the gradient skin out there. The combo of glittering blue and black works for as for the night gaming. And the words are inscribed in white, gives a bright interface, without giving strain to the eyes. You can use these skins for playing games at night.

10. Invert

If you hate dark skins, then Invert Light skin for Steam client is for you. Invert has a splash of white color all over the surface. The name itself implies this is the inverted version of the default skin. The classic red text color for heading enhance the interface with black for normal text. Well, thinking practically no other color would match.

11. Naruto Ultimate Bijuu Steam Skin

Here comes the skin of my favorite anime. In this steam skin, Naruto holds the looks as if, he promises Obito. This skin uses the hues of yellow and black combo used in Bijuu mode. The titles are glorified with classic black and text are both dark and light based on the background contrast.

12. Miku

Here comes a dedicated skin to Hatsune Miku. You might think she is just a character from some anime show. But she is the first Vocaloid.That too first Vocaloid produced by Japanese, Crypton Future Media. The color scheme matches her favorite color turquoise. Background patterns resemble the equalizer. If you are a music lover, make sure to try this skin.

13. Fluttershy

Here comes another dedicated skin of My Little Pony franchise. Get ready to enjoy everything in Pink. The headings are in flavored by light blue and hyperlinks are given dark pink. The background comes with the pink logo. The user interface is good and appealing.

These are the top 13 Steam Skins, we had picked for you. We had checked all the skins. Make sure to try these skins. If any of your favorite skins are missing from the list, do let us know in the comment section. We will add that in the next update.

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