Best Kodi Skins for Leia to enhance the User Interface

We all know that Kodi is one of the most popular and powerful open source media player software application. Guess what! It’s really hard to find a feasible alternative to it, because it offers compatibility with a wide range of OS, supports almost all types for media format, and finally, the most important thing is- it is available for free of cost.

The latest version of Kodi is Kodi 18 Leia Release Candidate 4(RC4) and is available on the official Kodi site. After fixing almost all the bugs from the previous version and with a major coding and with a number of changes in the GUI, Kodi 18 Leia servers as a new hope that will offer its user with a better experience when comparing to Kodi Krypton.

There is a lot of interesting features in Kodi, but the most important and my favorite feature about Kodi is that it offers its users with the freedom to customization. This means we can change the Kodi UI without making any complex changes. It can be done with the help of Kodi skins. In this article, we will talk about the Best list of Kodi skins for Leia version and its features.

What is Kodi Skin and its Features?

Are you bored of the default UI of Kodi and wanna change it?… Are you searching for an option to customize your Kodi interface with a new brand new and cool look?… Then, Kodi skins will help you in transforming your Kodi Looks.

Yes, using Kodi we can change the theme, Color, Navigation menu, and a lot more. In other words, Kodi skins give your Kodi a new look and new way of experience with pretty cool colors and with unleashed customizable options. There is a huge collection of Skins available in Kodi. Choosing the best skins is quite hard, as it varies with the user’s interest. So we have listed you with the list of best Kodi Skins which give a better experience with your Kodi 18 Leia.

List of Best Kodi Skins for Kodi 18 Leia

So here we go. We are going to suggest you with the list of best Kodi Skins. The skins we mentioned below are tested and are working perfectly. Trust me!!! these list of skins will transform your Kodi with cool and dram bursting looks.

1. Aeon Nox

If you are quite familiar with Kodi, then you might have known about this skin. Aeon Nox is probably the most popular and biggest name in Kodi skin community. Whenever there is a new release in Kodi skins, then you can find Aeon Nox at the top of the updated list. This is a fully featured skin using which you can customize colors, skin theme, and even fonts. It shows the content with large visuals and as grid posters that can be navigated in different ways.

2. Titan

The next skin on our list is Titan. This is one of the most popular and beloved skins and favorite choice. This skin is known for its simplicity and it provides plenty of information in a simplified and in a clear way. To be more precise, you can find a lot of happenings on your screen without any mess. This skin is all about modulatory. This means the content will appear as large icons and grids of posters. Titan skin has plenty of customization options which will keep you busy and quite engaged with this skin.

3. Amber

Amber, yet another big shot. Abers comes with a horizontal menu by default and when you navigate through different categories, you will be able to see HD background images. These images appear based on the content you have in your Kodi library. Amber is one of the most popular skin, next to Estuary skin because, in addition to the high-level customization options it offers you with pretty cool and amazing view to your Kodi. The most attracting feature of this skin is, it is possible to customize almost everything in this skin.

4. Black Glass Nova

Black Glass Nova is a recent member of the Kodi Skin community. This will be a high-level customization skin because it has everything that you would possibly search for. If you are a Windows user, then this skin will look familiar to you. This is because it has a similar User interface to Windows Vista. It offers you two theme modes, one is Black glass theme and the other is the same Black Glass Theme with smaller tiles. This skin will be perfect when you use it on Large-screen device since it will bring you numerous small details.

5. Box

Box, form the name itself we can get an idea that, this skin is all about modularity. If you are familiar with Kodi you might probably have known about LightBox and nBox skins. Box, is a combination of both and has unique aesthetics features. The navigation menu will be so simple and straight forward. Box brings you with a wide range of customization options. Even the skin color accents can be changed. This makes it more attractive and unique.


We are wrapping up now. The above mention list is some of the best skins which will give you a different way to look Kodi. There are a number of options available, but we have suggested you with the best options which you might enjoy…Try it out and have the best experience with your Kodi.

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